Magen Solutions offers many bespoke products and services to ensure your company runs smoothly. Our expertise is in cyber and physical security with advanced networking solutions. Please feel free to browse our information below and contact our expert support team when you are ready to move forward.


As one of the top cyber security and asset protection companies in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth region, we work closely with your entire organization to ensure everyone from part-time technicians to your CTO is onboard with our services. The better we can unify your view of security, the more protected you will be various threats. We focus on three areas – Cybers security, Physical Security, and Networking Services. With Magen, you get a comprehensive security consultant.

cyber security

Cyber Security Consulting
Our team of experts will assess your current cyber security systems and offer advice and guidance on filling crucial gaps, extending your existing capabilities, and providing valuable threat-driven insights into more advanced security operations. Our goal is to forge an integrated security strategy that will protect your company well into the future.
Malware Recovery     
Our security experts will investigate the severity of ransomware and malware attacks to determine the extent of infiltration while also reverse-engineering the malware to attempt data recovery. We can broker a solution that minimizes the cost of recovery and provide guidance on what measures can be deployed to mitigate the possibility of future attacks.
Intrusion Prevention Services
Together, we will review your current network security parameters and threat prevention systems by examining regular traffic flows to detect and prevent any vulnerability exploits. Our goal is to provide an extra layer of defense with advanced IPS and human asset guidance, so the technology utilized matches the knowledge and talent of your team.
Cloud Work Load Protection
The last thing your team needs to have happened is poor connection or reliability for your cloud services. Our experts will review your physical servers, virtual machines, containers, and cloud-based services to load balance your demand capabilities and ensure an equal placement of stressors. At the same time, we will instruct your team in common security preventative measures and agile automatic discovery of threats using the latest anti-malware and scanning technology.
Virtual Environment
Integrated new virtual machines, environments, and data solutions into your business structure are one of the most cost-effective strategies for improving your process flexibility. It provides your team with greater resources and customer touch-points for clients beyond the physical conference room. Our experts will help devise, deploy, and secure VM and VE spaces for your business.
Endpoint Protection & Encryption
Infiltration concerns are at an all-time high due to recent leaks and corporate espionage throughout the US. Our team of expert consultants stays updated on the latest threat assessments so that your OS and internal devices are protected from corrupt boot files, keyloggers, Evil Maid attacks, etc.
Mobile Protection                       
To stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world, you must have mobile capabilities. That doesn’t mean you need to further open more risk to your company. Our security experts will walk your team through essential preventative habits with their mobile devices while also ensuring your IT department is equipped to manage network access protocols and device management.
Data Loss Prevention
Our cyber security team uses the latest DLP tools and processes to ensure your sensitive data is not lost, stolen, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users through internal and external measures. We will help your IT department identify critical data points and integrate local, networked, and cloud redundancies to further protect those valuable assets.
Firewall Deployment & Maintenance
Our security experts can work on-site or remotely to set up, configure, and provide post-deployment service support for advanced firewall protection. We will help your IT team install real-time monitoring software with advanced threat assessment tools to actively watch the health of your firewall system.

physical security

Security Cameras
Active surveillance acts as a reactive measure after a security threat and a preventative tool to discourage any unwanted infiltrations. That is why we empower your security team with both highly visible deterrents and subtle full-coverage solutions so that your business's critical areas are monitored with the best possible surveillance systems.
High Security Locksmith
High-security lock solutions ensure you have additional layers of protection to keep your secure areas safe from intrusion. We take the time to integrate hardware that is pin and bump proof, made from highly durable materials, and discourage unauthorized keys from being made from anything less than a physical copy.
Security Guards
Many security concerns, especially crime prevention is common to both private and public law enforcement. Magen Solutions is primarily concerned with maintaining order, apprehending criminals and enforcing laws within a constitutionally and statutorily mandated criminal justice system. Let us help you keeping people and assets secure.
Radio Communication
We provide portable handheld digital and analog portable two-way radios and associated accessories to any businesses that needs to communicate with 1 or 100+ on-site workers and employees. Instant communications to 1 or all with the push of a button and no monthly air-time fees.
Intrusion Alarms
Protect people and property with security you can rely on. From simple installations to extensive projects, we offer integrated security solutions based on award-winning technology and backed by superior support. Our easy-to-use alarm systems integrate seamlessly with video cameras, smoke alarms, home/commercial automation devices, and more. We offer customizable solutions to address the challenges you face every day.
Fire Alarms
We can help using visual and audio signalization to warn people about a possible fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide occurrence in areas of coverage fire alarms are usually set to provide zonal coverage for residences and commercial buildings. Some fire alarm systems use additional warnings, such as sending a voice message or making a phone call.
Access Control Systems
Monitoring proper credentials for those working at your physical locations is essential to improving your overall security system. Our expert Dallas-based team of security professionals has the appropriate experience and training to offer modern solutions for access control, including customized systems that force proper flows of human assets to highlight any inconsistencies.
Asset Protection
Our goal is to offer proactive prevention solutions that ensure your most valuable assets are immediately protected with modern security systems. This often includes retraining those staff members closest to the intended protective assets with new habits and awareness to ensure proper procedures are always followed. This closes any potential gaps and provides a tighter circle of protection around your assets.


Cloud Infrastructure
Take advantage of our expert team of cloud computing professionals who can provide your business with solutions for lower operating costs, improved scalability, and unparalleled performance. We know what current and future cloud services are best to meet the changing needs of your business infrastructure and can help provide guidance and training for implementing these solutions across your company.
Managed IT & Help Desk
Your customers expect quality support at every step of their interaction with your business. That is why we at Magen Solutions offer a team of network and IT specialists to provide Help Desk and technology support to both you and your customers. We want all parts of your IT systems to operate smoothly on a routine basis.
VoIP Services
Voice-over IP solutions lower your operating costs and create more communication flexibility for your business. This is imperative to staying competitive with so many companies moving to online platforms, including hybrid work models where staff also need remote access to team management. We can help walk you through the process of installing and migrating your communication systems to a VoIP solution.
Structured Cabling
Without a properly planned, designed, and installed cable system, your business risks losing the high speeds and reliability necessary to push forward into more efficient operations. Our team of experts will guide and install cable systems that meet the standards of today and prepare your business for tomorrow's demands.
Backup & Disaster Recovery
There is no way to completely secure your business. That doesn’t mean you sit and wait for disaster to strike. We will help your IT department integrate standard and advanced backup solutions so your business can run smoothly. This includes routine, live, and scheduled backup systems across your physical, networked, and cloud-based operations. We utilize multiple redundancies on and off-site.
Wireless System Architecture
Integrating modern Wi-Fi and internal hotspot connections requires high familiarity with the latest technology from leading companies and tools. That is why working with our Dallas-based expert team is the best solution for developing new wireless systems around your worksites. We have all the industry knowledge, expertise, and certifications to keep you up and running.
Website Services
From hosting to design services, we can help your business achieve its goals when it comes to digital visibility.

Trust The Shield

When you are looking for the most reliable and professional cyber security and psychical protection team, reach out to Magen Solutions. We are fully equipped and prepared to meet the challenges of your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We routinely receive inquires and comments about our cyber and physical security services. Here are a few of the more common questions.

We are happy to work remotely with your company, at times requesting the possibility of performing an in-personal evaluation in order to know the intricate details of your challenges and the job parameters.

We are happy to discuss prices and details of the scope of your needs through a scheduled phone call with our security team. We are a high in-demand company, please contact us so that we may provide the best possible service.

If you have ever visited a cyber security conference, you will see rooms of IT engineers next door to people learning how to pick locks. A comprehensive security strategy involves all aspects of access points to your private information and assets.

Yes! We are always willing to look at resumes/CVs of security experts looking to join our team. We have a thorough vetting process to ensure you can meet the challenges ahead.